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A potent, hardworking serum is the cornerstone of any effective skincare ritual. Seek out those with active ingredients that actually transform the skin. Avoid fluff.  Dry skin types should look for nourishing ingredients that are rich in fatty acids and antioxidants like avocado, rosehip, and pomegranate seed oils; oily and acne prone skin types should seek out balancing ingredients that treat existing blemishes and lighten hyperpigmentation, such as jojoba, black cumin, and papaya seed oils; and sensitive skin types should reach for calming ingredients with zero potential for irritation, including evening primrose, borage, and argan oils. Additionally, the essential oils included in the serum should be chosen for their benefits, not for their scent alone.  

Serums can be either water or oil-based. Choose whichever formula you prefer. Apply your favorite water-based serum after cleansing and toning, but before applying moisturizer. The waters and waxes in your moisturizer will block the active ingredients in the serum rendering it fairly useless. Oil-based serums function similarly to traditional moisturizers and can be applied in a multitude of ways. Apply your favorite oil to damp skin after cleansing and toning; mix a few drops into your favorite moisturizer or water-based serum; or pat 3-4 drops on top of your moisturizer when extra hydration is necessary. To further enhance hydration and maximize absorption, liberally mist skin with toner following application of an oil-based serum. 

The perfect serum will offer instant gratification – it will plump, hydrate, clear, and brighten. Have fun with this aspect of your skincare ritual. Play. Experiment. Enjoy.  

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