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Province Apothecary Therapeutic Roll Ons

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These cute roll-ons offer all of the benefits of aromatherapy in a fantastically convenient format. Apply to your wrists, temple, or third eye, take a deep breath, and enjoy!

Headache - This blend is made to relieve symptoms associated with headaches, tension, and migraines. Basil oil is great for stress-related headaches. It is used to clear the mind and relieve intellectual fatigue, while giving clarity and mental strength. Black Spruce eases mental and physical exhaustion and calms stress and anxiety. Black Pepper helps dilate blood vessels, which might be tightened and tense.  

Sleep Well - This blend can help you relax from a stressful day and lead you into peaceful sleep. Lavender eases anxiety, slows down your heart rate, and takes you into deeper sleep. Petit Grain eases tension, balances the nervous system, and promotes restful sleep. Melissa, traditionally used to combat sleep deprivation, reduces stress and anxiety. Ylang Ylang relaxes the mind and body.

Calm DownThis blend helps relieve anxiety, panic, worry, and stress. Mandarin calms irritability, nervousness, stress, and anxiety. Bergamot and Frankincense relax the mind and body. Neroli relieves chronic anxiety and stress. Roman Chamomile calms and relieves irritation and irritability.

Focus Now - This blend will help to stimulate your thought processes, reduce mental fatigue, and improve concentration. Basil relieves stressful thoughts allowing the mind to focus and be aware of the senses. Rosemary and Cardamom encourage blood flow to the mind, increasing clarity, and enhancing memory. Bergamot is a natural anti-depressant that relaxes the mind and relieves tension. Juniper and Cedarwood ground racing thoughts and strengthen the mind.

Uplift - This blend will enhance your mood and make you feel invigorated. Bergamot and Geranium relaxes the mind, opening it up to joy and laughter. Frankincense composes thoughts, easing worry, and creates a sense of harmony. Ylang Ylang and Jasmine enhance confidence and encourage a sense of ease.

Please note that the items pictured are sold separately. 

Headache – Sunflower oil*, Jojoba oil*, Essential oils of: Peppermint*, Sweet Basil*, High Altitude Lavender*, Black Pepper**, Black Spruce*, Helichrysum**. *Certified organic ingredient •Avoid this product during pregnancy.

Sleep Well - Sunflower oil*, Jojoba oil*, Essential oils of: High Altitude Lavender*, Clary Sage*, Lemongrass*, Melissa**, Ylang Ylang Extra, Petit Grain. *Certified organic ingredient **Wild-Crafted ingredient •Avoid product during pregnancy.

Calm Down - Sunflower oil*, Jojoba oil*, Essential oils of: Mandarin*, Bergamot (Bergaptene free)**, Frankincense*, High Altitude Lavender*, Wild-harvested Roman Chamomile**, Neroli**, Cedar wood*. *Certified organic ingredient **Wild Harvested •Avoid product during pregnancy.

Focus Now - Sunflower oil*, Jojoba oil*, Essential oils of: Basil*, Peppermint*, Rosemary*, Lemon*, Cardamom, Eucalyptus*, Juniper berry*, Cedarwood*. *Certified organic ingredient. Lemon oil is photo-toxic, do not wear in direct sunlight. •Avoid product during pregnancy.

Uplift - Sunflower oil*, Jojoba oil* and essential oils of: Bergamot (Bergaptene free), Frankincense*, Geranium*, Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood*, Patchouli*. *Certified organic ingredient •Avoid product during pregnancy

Apply oil to wrists, temples, and back of neck (into the hair line) and let the essential oils absorb into the skin. For immediate results, place scent directly under your nose and breath deeply. Can be used as many times as needed throughout the day.

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