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Indulging in a mask is the ultimate weekly treat for skin. Masks clear congestion, increase radiance, and hydrate skin in desperate need of moisture.  More importantly, masks force us to set a little time aside in our schedule for self-care. This act alone offers a multitude of benefits.

Prior to applying a mask, skin should be cleansed and gently exfoliated. For the ultimate at-home facial, I recommend cleansing with your favorite oil-based cleanser, dissolving the cleanser with a warm muslin or washcloth, and following with an exfoliator. This clears skin of any makeup, dirt, debris, and dead skin cells that could potentially block penetration of the mask.

Masks are available in powder form or can be pre-mixed. What I love about powder is that it maintains the integrity of the ingredients and it can be mixed with a variety of mediums, including water, honey, yogurt, or fruit purees, like strawberry and pineapple. Honey is wonderful for acne, and both yogurt and fruit contain acids that contribute to the exfoliation process. Strawberry is particularly beneficial as it helps to lighten old acne scars.

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