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A regular cleansing ritual is integral to maintaining clear, healthy skin. In my opinion, cleansing morning and night is non-negotiable. While many people will steer you away from cleansing in the morning, I don’t recommend it as your skin in the morning is lightly coated with sweat and cellular debris. The last thing you want to do is layer more serums and moisturizers on top of that. The morning cleanse is as simple as splashing your face with water and massaging skin with your favorite gentle cleanser.

Morning Cleanse
Oily/Combination/Acne Prone

Dry/Hormonal/Acne Prone


The evening cleanse used to be as simple as the morning cleanse, but things have gotten more complicated with the introduction of oil cleansers, balm cleansers, and rituals like double cleansing. Double cleansing is a beautiful addition to any daily routine that involves using an oil-based cleanser to remove heavy makeup and sunscreen, wiping it away with a muslin cloth of some kind, and following with your normal cleanser. Your normal cleanser will remove general dirt and debris and any excess oil left behind from your oil-based cleanser. I like this ritual when I am need of a deep cleanse or when I wear heavier makeup or higher SPFs.

Evening Cleanse

Oily/Combination/Acne Prone

Normal/Sensitive/Acne Prone

If this all sounds overwhelming and you are a minimalist at heart, seek out light cleansing oils that remove makeup, sunscreen, dirt, and debris and miraculously rinse cleanly away without the use of a muslin or washcloth. For the ultimate anti-acne cleanse, I recommend starting with one of these cleansing oils and following it with a gentle exfoliator. 

Multi-Tasking Oil Cleansers
All Skin Types

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