Skin Concerns

You've heard it before: your skin is the largest organ in your body. But even though our skin protects us, cares for us, and acts as a "first alert" system, many of us feel like we are constantly at war with our skin. Instead of heeding the information our skin is trying desperately to pass along to us about internal imbalances and external threats, we talk about "combating" outbreaks and beating our skin into submission. It can be incredibly frustrating when our skin doesn't cooperate despite our seemingly best efforts. But what if we instead came to an understanding with our skin? What if we really listened to what it was saying instead of just trying to shut it up? Interpreting signals can be complicated, but developing an understanding of root causes instead of embracing temporary fixes can lead to lasting success.

Much like the true organic farmer who sees yellow flowers not as a weed but instead as a signal that his soil is seeking more sulphur, we can use a holistic approach to identify changes in nutrition, lifestyle, products, and routines that will result in a more harmonious relationship with our biggest organ. It may sound a little weird, but engaging in a conversation with our skin instead of a battle can also lead to improvements in our general health and overall happiness! Our skin passes along clues about what we're putting on it, and also about how what we're eating and how we're living affects us each individually. Here you can learn about what your skin may be trying to tell you.