Tips & Tricks: Sun Damage

by Megan Schwarz | August 01, 2017 | 0 Comments

The sun. Is there any topic that causes heart palpitations quite like the sun? You need more Vitamin D! You should avoid any and all exposure! And none of that even touches on the topic of sun damage. Oh, dreaded sun damage. While there is no clear consensus on how much (if any!) time in the sun is the best, there are tried and true ways of undoing sun damage and achieving a more even, vibrant complexion!

Manual Exfoliation: Kickstarting cellular renewal is a quick way to more even-toned skin. Imagine lifting those pesky spots up and out! As we age, this process of cellular renewal naturally slows down. Exfoliation picks up the slack by signaling the body to produce new skin cells, while hastening the process of sloughing off the old ones. Sensitive and dry skin types may prefer to exfoliate one time per week or even every other week, while oily, congested skin types should aim to exfoliate two to three times per week or even every other or every day. Our pick - Cocovít Besan + Turmeric Polishing Grains 

Chemical Exfoliation: For those who avoid manual exfoliation in favor of something a little more gentle, look to acids (fruit, lactic, beta hydroxy) for support. The thought behind chemical exfoliation is the same as manual exfoliation - moving newer, fresher skin cells to the surface. Not sure where to start? Try mixing your clay mask with yogurt, apply a fruit enzyme-based mask, or seek out a nighttime treatment that fosters cellular renewal. Our pick - Kypris Moonlight Catalyst

Vitamins: Vitamins A, C, E, and K are your friends! These skin-care gems will lighten, brighten, and protect your complexion from future damage. Vitamin A makes a particularly effective nighttime treatment, Vitamin C is perfect for daytime use, and Vitamin K will transform those dark under eye circles! Seek out these all-stars in serums, oils, creams, and balms. Our pick - Laurel Facial Serum: Sun Damage Repair.  

Essential Oils: Often overlooked and entirely undervalued, certain essential oils harness amazing healing power. Frankincense, geranium, rose, helichrysum, and lavender are exceptionally adept at fading marks, diminishing scars, and generally reducing inflammation. In fact, helichrysum contains the highest known amount of beta diketones, which are reputed to promote the formation of new tissue. Our pick - Mahalo The Rare Indigo

Seed to Serum Tip - Spent a little too much time in the sun? Look to traditional homeopathic remedies to reduce any discomfort caused by sunburn and heat rash. Our pick - A.S. Apothecary First Aid Kit #10: Summer & Skin

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