Morning Masking Ritual

by Megan Schwarz | April 26, 2017 | 1 Comment

We have so many decadent masks in the shop and I wanted to shine the spotlight on a few of the more versatile options! We tend to think of masks as a once or twice a week treat, which is definitely appropriate for the more clay-heavy masks. (Clays have incredible drawing properties and can be disruptive to the skin's acid mantle if used too often. In fact, I recommend keeping your favorite hydrosol handy and misting regularly to prevent the mask from drying completely. Don't worry, it's still working!) But honey, oh sweet honey, can be used every day. I find the mornings to be an especially lovely time to incorporate a honey masking ritual. 

The ritual is fairly straightforward. In lieu of cleansing, mist skin with your hydrosol (or dampen it with a little water), and smooth on a thick layer of your honey mask. While your skin is doing a little honey happy dance, brush your teeth, read a magazine, or fire up your favorite podcast. This is where things get a little decadent... or at least they do for me. I heavily mist my skin with hydrosol and begin massaging the mask. If you feel that this is wasteful, you can wet your fingers with water, rather than using your hydrosol. You want to dampen your skin enough that massaging is a breeze. Then simply rinse the mask away with water. Your skin should feel insanely soft and hydrated (thanks honey!)

Ready to give it a try? Here are some of my favorite honey masks:

  • Leahlani Honey Love 3-in-1: This mask alone transformed founder, Leah's skin. Imagine what it could do for you? Combining organic Hawaiian Raw Honey with skin superfoods like organic Noni Fruit and wildcrafted Maqui Berry, this cleanser/mask/exfoliator softens, smooths, and helps improve the tone and texture of skin. For a little more exfoliating oomph be sure to mix the jar with a spoon prior to applying (the magical corrundum crystals tend to settle at the bottom). Acne prone skin, prepare to meet your new clear skin companion! 

  • LILFOX Jungle Glow: Oh my oh my, I could go on and on about this mask. Jungle Glow singlehandedly turned me on to the morning masking ritual. Raw Honey, Raw Cacao, Rosehip seeds, Maracuja oil - this mask is a dream. And it's so silky and easy to smooth onto skin. As an added bonus, it smells like heaven (then again, what LILFOX product doesn't?) I highly recommend sitting back and allowing this one to work its magic for as long as you can!

  • Mahalo The Petal: If you are looking for more targeted enzyme exfoliation, this pink potion is where it's at. The gel-like texture is really fun and I love the inclusion of power players like Hyaluronic Acid and Manuka Honey. Hyaluronic Acid holds 1,000x its weight in water so deep hydration is pretty much guaranteed. Choose this mask if your mornings are typically rushed. 5 minutes with this mask is more than enough time to achieve the glow goal. 

  • Mahalo The Bean: The newest arrival, the Bean is downright sinful (okay, it only smells that way). I am incredibly impressed by the number of antioxidants in this honey-based mask, including Cacao, Lycopene, Green Coffee Bean oil, and Astaxanthin. (Random aside - I recently started supplementing with Astaxanthin and so far I'm loving the results!) The antioxidants are really just the tip of the iceberg. The Bean is absolutely jam packed with skin-loving nutrients. Hello, glowing skin! 

If you are looking to spice up your morning routine or really just want a brightening boost in the am (who doesn't?), I highly recommend incorporating a masking ritual!

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May 15, 2017


I often mix a bit of raw honey or manuka honey from the grocer with any mask (or on its own) to pump up the hydration and to keep my skin’s pH in check.

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