Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse.

by Megan Schwarz | August 25, 2016 | 0 Comments

Hello my lovely readers! It’s been a little while since I have posted. This summer has been insanely hectic for me with the new baby (people are always talking about the sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn and they aren’t kidding! Pass the eye serum please!!!), but I promise to do my best to regularly update the blog with more tips and tricks, product recommendations, and whatever else you are interested in reading more about.

While I was away, we have launched a bevy of fantastic new cleansers that I have been dying to tell you more about. Based on the number of emails I receive, finding the perfect cleanser seems to be something of a struggle. That’s what makes this new crop of cleansers so EXCITING. They are all utter perfection. And each offers something a little different from the cleansing options currently available. Let’s dive in!

The New Oil Cleanser. Tired of using a washcloth, but still want to oil cleanse? Look no further than Maya Chia The Great Cleanse. This velvety oil cleanser spreads easily over the skin (no tugging or pulling) and rinses cleanly with water (no second cleanse required). How’s that for low maintenance? And it removes mascara and eyeliner with ease! But what makes this oil cleanser truly special is that there is no need to reserve it for nightly use only. It makes a beautiful morning cleanser as well, which is perfect for those of you tired of purchasing multiple cleansers. Take the time to massage skin for 1 to 2 minutes while using The Great Cleanse to help boost circulation. Your skin will thank you!

The New Foaming Cleanser. Squeaky clean skin typically translates to stripped skin, which wreaks havoc on your skin’s protective barrier (leading to breakouts, dryness, and sensitivity). But some of you still like your skin to feel, well, clean after you cleanse. Understandable. Enter MOSS Sea Honey Antibacterial Soothing Cleanser. If such a thing as a micro-foaming cleanser existed, Sea Honey would be it. The texture has a nice grip to it, which leaves skin feeling cleansed, but not over-cleansed. I like to use Sea Honey in the morning, but feel free to use it at night as well. It’s incredibly versatile.

The New Cream Cleanser. Speaking of versatility, meet the creamy, dreamy Kypris Cleanser Concentrate. You only need the smallest dose of this yummy cleanser to achieve fantastically clean, soft skin. And while most cream cleansers leave a film on skin, Cleanser Concentrate rinses away completely. Brilliant! This cleanser is perfect first thing in the morning, but my favorite way to use it is as a second cleanser at night. It removes every trace of my oil cleanser so my skin is perfectly prepped for the serums and balms to follow!

The New Cleansing Mask. You’re thinking, what is a cleansing mask? Well if you haven’t applied a mask first thing in the morning and used that in place of your cleanser then you are missing out my friend. My new favorite cleansing mask? Mahalo The Petal Mask. Apply this rich, pink mask to dry skin in the morning (don’t skimp either!), drink your coffee or tea, wet your fingers, and use small, circular motions to remove the mask like you would your regular cleanser. Hello glowing skin!

Go forth and find a new favorite cleanser!

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