The Simple Morning Cleanse

by Megan Schwarz | February 15, 2016 | 0 Comments

There are some who can't get enough of cleansers - oils, balms, clays - you name it, they've tried it. For others, cleansing holds very little intrigue. In fact, it's a chore. Especially in the mornings. But I'm here to tell you that the morning cleanse is important. Removing sweat, cellular debris, and products you applied the night before is key to healthy, happy skin. 

BUT it does not have to complicated! Let me introduce you to A.S. Apothecary Geranium Cleansing Water #13. This gorgeous water combines balancing and detoxifying Geranium with acne-tackling Witch Hazel. (Geranium is especially beneficial for fussy, hormonal skin!)

So here's how your new morning cleansing ritual will look - simply moisten a cotton pad with Geranium Cleansing Water #13, swipe over your skin, rinse with water, and pat dry. Voilà. Your morning cleanse is as easy as that! Now your skin is prepped and ready for whatever serums, oils, and creams you have in your arsenal. 

One last tip - at night all you need is a quick cleanse with A.S. Apothecary Cleansing Oil #5 to keep skin glowing!

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