New Year, New Goals

by Megan Schwarz | January 12, 2016 | 1 Comment

I'm not a huge fan of New Years overhauls in general. You know what I mean - ditching dairy, working out 7 days a week, undertaking any number of cleanses - all in the name of health. With this many intense "resolutions," we are bound to fail. Don't get me wrong, goals are great. A necessity, really. But before setting those goals, I find that it's best to reflect on the previous year and really evaluate the areas of your life that you feel could be improved. An overhaul is not always necessary, in fact a few simple tweaks might make 2016 your best year yet. Because who likes to start out the year feeling like a failure?  

At least these are the thoughts that have been floating around in my head these past few weeks. While I was away, I had a little more time to focus on how little time I had in 2015. It was a hectic, crazy, amazing year. But with that craziness came the realization that things were slipping through the cracks. The holidays for one. They simply came and went. Maybe that's part of adulthood, or maybe not.

Either way, it's time to reconnect. Reconnect with blogging, social media, my amazing clients. That's my "resolution" for 2016. Blogging is one of my absolute favorite outlets for connecting with YOU and I spent the latter half of 2015 completely neglecting my blog. In some ways though, the break has left me feeling more inspired. I want to share more than just beauty product reviews. I want to discuss my many random interests with you. And that openness is a little scary for me. But that's also part of really connecting. 

Cheers to 2016!

What are some of your goals for the new year? Inspire me!

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January 12, 2016


I’m looking forward to your posts. When I discovered your site, I went back and read all of the old posts. Very informative and interesting!

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