Mighty, Mighty MOSS - Part Two

by Megan Schwarz | August 28, 2015 | 0 Comments

Now that we have thoroughly dished on the MOSS cleansers, I think it's time we take a closer look at a few of the line's superstars - the balms. These are not your typical balms, think exotic butters and antioxidant-rich oils fused together with the most unexpectedly beautiful scents. But let's stop speaking generally and dive into the specifics:

Ceremony - The butternut squash color of this balm speckled with bits of mica is likely the first thing that will catch your eye. In short, it's gorgeous. But this balm has more than just good looks. It nourishes, plumps, rejuvenates, and reverses signs of age-related damage all while playing nicely with blemish-prone skin. Plus, it contains oils and butters that provide natural sun protection. The standout ingredients for me are creamy Marfura butter, which contains nourishing fatty acids and helps to reduce inflammation, and antioxidant-dense Green Coffee Bean oil, which contains anti-aging enzymes stronger than CoQ10. Very impressive. While this brightening balm works beautifully as a restorative nighttime treatment, it's even more impressive during the day. Smooth a paper thin layer over skin and you will be amazed at how luminous (and not greasy!) your skin appears. I adore it. And I can not emphasize this enough - please, please, please do not be scared off by the mica. It is honestly more subtle than the word subtle even conveys. That extra bit of adornment is your little secret!

Salvation - Everything from the intriguing scent to the espresso hue has me addicted to this balm. That's right, I am downright obsessed. While Ceremony may be my go-to daytime balm, Salvation is my happy place at night. It contains a fascinating roster of exotic ingredients, including Ucuuba butter, Bacuri butter, Kombo butter, Mafura butter, and Kokum butter, to heal, soothe, and replenish skin. More importantly, this wonder balm de-escalates breakouts and SHRINKS cystic acne. Apply a thin layer of this lush balm at night and awake to seriously restored skin. And yes, Salvation's waxy, almost matte texture makes it perfect for daytime use as well. When applied with a light hand, skin will appear dewy, rather than greasy. However, because of my addiction, I tend to take the more is more approach to this balm so I limit my use to nighttime. But the choice is yours! 

These unique balms are truly something to be experienced. As the weather turns crisper (and colder!), Ceremony and Salvation are destined to become the workhorses of your skincare ritual!

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