Thoughts on Bliss

by Megan Schwarz | June 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

Whenever I discover a new-to-me skin healing (especially those related to acne) or wellness concept, I immediately jump on the bandwagon. I'll start drinking water with lemon every morning or drinking reishi tea every night before bed, but then at some point I inevitably miss one day, then two, and the ritual slowly slips from my routine. This is always incredibly frustrating to me. In fact, I would probably consider it a source of stress and anxiety in my life. A sort of fear that I've failed my body starts bubbling up.

Cut to a recent podcast that I listened to that happened to speak on this issue. The speaker was touching on the concept of listening to the needs of our own bodies and basically advised to try something for two weeks and if it doesn't stick then it's not right for you. For some reason I found this thought very relieving. Intensely relieving actually. Someone finally telling me that it's okay to abandon a few of the wellness concepts. More importantly, that they might not have been right for my body to begin with. And rather than being anxious and fearful, to simply accept it, and move on.

And this brings me to bliss. Or at least one simple way to make room for a little bliss in your life. And that's that not every health food trend is right for you. Or maybe that it's just not right for you right now. I tend to find that I take a few months off and then out of the blue really crave some water with lemon in the morning. And one morning I won't anymore. But that doesn't mean my liver will suddenly become laden with toxins simply because I missed a few lemon water mornings here and there. Or that my skin will no longer be radiant if I trade in my "Glowing Green Smoothie" for overnight oats. Letting anxiety and fear creep into your brain is absolutely more detrimental than anything.

So here is my thought - bliss is not about having an incredibly regimented morning and evening ritual that incorporates everything we've ever read - it's about acceptance and letting go of the rituals that just don't work for us. And really relishing the ones that do.

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