Summer Beauty Woes - Part Four: Sun Spots (2017 Update)

by Megan Schwarz | June 19, 2015 | 0 Comments

I have to say that after this long winter, I can't help but bask in the sun's warm rays. It feels unbelievable. I'm sure everyone out there is feeling the same way. But come fall you may find some unwelcome reminders of all that fun in the sun in the form of evil, unsightly sun spots. Blech. But have no fear, I have some tips for dealing with those little devils. 

• Protect. Rather than fight sun spots, why not prevent them all together?! How can we do that? I'm sure you already know the answer - our dear friend sunscreen. Choose physical sunscreens, like zinc oxide, over chemical sunscreens where you can. If nothing else, at least avoid oxybenzone, which has been linked to hormone disruption. My favorites include Kypris Pot of Shade (doubles as a primer!) and de Mamiel Exhale Daily Hydrating Nectar

• Seek Vitamin C. So you applied sunscreen and still wound up with a few dark spots. No worries. Vitamin C to the rescue. This powerful antioxidant does a remarkable job at lightening the complexion. You will see a serious boost in clarity and brightness if you incorporate this little gem into your beauty routine. A few of favorites include Kypris Antioxidant DewKypris 1,000 Roses Beauty Elixir, Agent Nateur Holi(c) Refining Face Vitamins (completely customizable with your current routine!), and Maya Chia The Super Blend. Each is gorgeously hydrating and gets skin glowing like you wouldn't believe! I prefer to apply them in the morning before my moisturizer and sunscreen, but they work equally as beautifully at night. Another great option is a Vitamin C-filled mask like Laurel Whole Plant Organics Brighten Mask. It is loaded with Vitamin C in the form of camu camu, acerola berry, and rosehips. Never underestimate the power of a good mask! 

• And of course, exfoliate! I hate to sound like a broken record, but exfoliation boosts cell turnover, which helps to rapidly fade spots. Looking for something a little less aggressive? Check out Kypris Glow Philtre. It's a beautiful mask that contains fruit enzymes to perk up the complexion! 

• Need a little more? Head on over to my earlier post on Hyperpigmentation.

Whatever you do, avoid hydroquinone at all costs. It's banned in a number of countries and downright toxic. Just say no!

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