Summer Skin Initiatives

by Megan Schwarz | May 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

I’ve set a few goals for myself this summer. Well, two in particular. And rather than keep them all to myself, I thought I would share them with you. Why? Because it will hold me accountable and who knows, you might find yourself inspired to tackle them yourselves. All right. Let’s do this.

(1) No More Picking or Touching
This one sounds easy enough right? We know all of the reasons why we shouldn’t pick at or touch our delicate skin (our fingers are harbingers of bacteria!), but we do it anyway. Why? Habit, boredom, stress, anxiety – the reason is likely different for each individual. But it stops today! That’s it. We are done. Okay, it won’t be that easy, but we CAN break the habit and/or find mechanisms to cope with our stress. Like most people the act of picking has become cathartic for me and once I start, I can’t stop. So the key is not to start! Redirect that behavior by fiddling with something (ANYTHING) else. The second phase of my plan is meditation. The act of focusing on breathing will hopefully ease some of the anxiety that spawns the awful picking behavior. So let’s take this summer to break this bad habit. I’ll be right there with you!

(2) Ditch Sugar (For real this time!)
We are giving up sugar this summer. I know, you hate me. But let me tell you a little tale – I have read many, many books on nutrition and skin. I know that sugar is evil and that our skin absolutely hates it. But I made excuses. I quit dairy. I quit soy. I quit processed food. But sugar. Absolutely not. I am a dessert connoisseur. A lover of all things sweet. Why is this a problem? Inflammation, my friend. More and more studies are demonstrating the damaging effects of inflammation and identifying it as the root cause of many of our skin woes (think acne, collagen breakdown, etc.) To be honest, dessert is just the tip of the iceberg – sugar is hidden in so many packaged foods, condiments, salad dressings – you name it, the food industry has found a way to sweeten it. And for me, I realized that I was no longer even appreciating the desserts that I was eating. I was on sugar overload. So I finally did it. I quit sugar. 100% quit? Probably not. But I’m getting there. And I can honestly say that I can already feel a difference in my digestion and see a visible difference in my skin. Sugar really is the enemy. So let’s ditch it together. (If you think this means I’ll never have a dessert again, you are out of your mind. I will be relegating sweets to special occasions, where they should be!)

There you have it. My summer skin initiatives. If you have already mastered these, then give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. If not, hop on the bandwagon. I’ll check back in with you this fall to let you know how it went!

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