24 Hours: April Gargiulo of Vintner’s Daughter

by Megan Schwarz | May 26, 2015 | 0 Comments

Waking up in Napa is so magical to me. The fog that is nestled between the mountain ranges, the hot air balloons majestically dotting the sky and at this time of year beautiful vines full of promise. I am grateful every day to live and work here. This “day in the life” is a bit of a love letter to Napa because I want to inspire everyone to visit!

Wake up around 6:30 with one or both of my sweet baby girls yelling “mama.” I drink water and lemon first thing every morning and a cup of jasmine green tea. My girls and I eat overnight soaked raw oatmeal that we call Carrot Cake oatmeal. Recipe: I add chia, flax, raw grated carrot, goji, walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, almond milk and grated coconut to oatmeal and let it sit overnight. Super easy and delicious.

My mom watches the girls and Mitch and I head out to the farmers market at OxBow Market. Similar to SF’s Ferry Plaza, Oxbow Market has the very best locally sourced everything plus Ritual coffee is there too. I love to get a green juice from Oxbow Market and Mitch picks up ingredients for his awesome paella. Fiddleheads are in season!

Fueled by coffee and green juice we go for a hike in Skyline Wilderness Park. At the top on a clear day you can see for miles. There are streams, lakes, wildlife (we saw 5 deer) and beautiful views at every turn. Its also a great workout!

After hike, we are hungry and head to Yountville for lunch. Too dirty for Redd (our favorite) we head to R + D Kitchen. I was craving an Arnold palmer and their kale salad. Delicious!!!

After lunch we wake the girls up from nap and head to the kids pool at Meadowood, a beautiful resort in St Helena that is a big part of Napa Valley history. It’s hot and several more Arnold Palmers (would love a john Daly) are enjoyed. Meadowood is building a new spa facility and I’m hoping Vintner’s Daughter will be a part of it!

We head home and start prepping for paella. Mitch cooks it outside over the grill, so the family can be together and the girls can run around. We open up a bottle of our family wine ( and enjoy dinner outside embraced by a golden sunset and an ocean of vines. I am feeling very full of love and rice!

After dinner we go into the girls’ bath and bedtime vortex and reappear around 8. My parents offer to hang out so we can meet up with friends at the bar at Redd (finally made it!) Fun ensues…

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