24 Hours: Teisha Lowry of Indah Organics

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There is something indescribably soul satisfying about peeking into another’s life. These glimpses provide an endless source of inspiration, wisdom, and energy! So let’s do it. Let’s spend “24 Hours” with those fascinating individuals that create, motivate, and live life on their own terms. Enjoy!

6:00 am It is autumn in Melbourne at the moment and there is not much natural light to wake up to - the days are getting shorter and I am finding it a little harder to get out of bed naturally. I get up with my husband, my job in the morning is to get our morning cup of tea ready and feed our rabbit – Bali (he’s a blue mini lop) and Darren puts breakfast on. We don’t eat any grains so breakfast cereal and toast is out of the question – we usually have leftovers from dinner, chicken soup, rissoles, or bacon and chickpeas mixed in with sautéed veggies. I drink my tea on the balcony, watching the sunrise up over the trees – it is a very special time of the day for me, it is where I can connect with the Earth’s energy and it makes me feel so grateful to be alive and then I will do some light stretching and yoga before I get ready for work.

7:00 am – 1:00 pm We live not far from our studio; I co-manage with my husband, one of Australia’s ultimate holistic health and wellbeing studios called Total Reformation. It is such an inspiring space, we are not a gym, but an integrated crew offering functional training, functional diagnostic lab testing, kinesiology, massage, holistic lifestyle coaching, circuit training, and natural cleanses and detoxes. I also base myself out of here with my organic beauty brand INDAH Organics. I work closely with my Australian distributor, and we work as a wonderful team who share the same vision, values, and enthusiasm - this is very important to me!!! INDAH is now distributed all over the world including the USA (Seed to Serum). It blows my mind everyday how much INDAH has grown, and not once have I lost sight of the brand’s vision: to work harmoniously with humanity and our environment. The studio is bustling with people, we have created such a great vibe with our team and our tribe - all of our clients are just so amazing, and we are always having a good laugh, so the morning’s go pretty quick. We usually see clients all morning, but I manage INDAH in between seeing my clients. I really love being productive in the morning, and I love working with people because it makes me feel so good about myself. If my customers of INDAH are happy and my clients at the studio are doing well, I can go home happy knowing I have made a difference to somebody’s life today. That feeling is so surreal and this is why I love what I do: helping people help themselves.

2:00 pm If we have a busy day we usually stay at the studio and work right through, but sometimes we head home for an hour or two to cook our lunch and get some rest before the busy afternoon rush. Lunch is usually our biggest meal, and it varies each day from roast chicken, lamb, pork and a side veggies. I also make a post work out smoothie for later, I try and change it up everyday so my body doesn’t build up a reaction to it. It is so important to have variety in my diet as I have digestion issues so I need to manage this with Metabolic Typing, FODMAPS and rotate my foods to avoid any sensitivities. My diet consists of real food, nothing processed and mostly organic where possible, I am very passionate about living an organic lifestyle, it is not a fad or fashion thing for me, I believe that being organic will restore nature’s ability to heal us, our future generations, wildlife, water and our world.

3:00 pm Once we head back to the studio we do a work out for 45 mins to an hour. This year I have really stepped up my program and incorporated a lot of heavy weights into my training, where as I used to do a lot of resistance training and cardio. I still use a lot of these in my program however I focus on certain areas of my body for each day, and today happens to be a pulling day – which is a lot of back stuff. After a workout I am on the phone for about an hour talking to Kerrie my INDAH distributor planning out the next day and what we both need to do for the rest of the week.

5:00 pm The studio is buzzing again with clients coming in after work, our studio is by appointment only, however there may be up to four trainers in at one time with their clients, so it has a really exciting energy.

7:00 pm We wrap things up for the day at the studio and head straight home to cook dinner, and relax. I love coming home because we leave everything at the door, we have a rule in our house – leave the day behind that door! Our home is a sanctuary; it is really minimalistic and simple. We turn on lamps after dinner to unwind which prepares our body for sleep. I also work as an actor so I am usually running over my lines or researching for my characters. People always ask us how we survive marriage by working together, yes we do pretty much everything together, but he is my best friend and I absolutely love working with him. He pushes me everyday to be a better version of myself and it just works, we never argue – no lie! We are just totally in love with each other and we love to support each other. We do a lot of things separately too and we are quite independent, which I think is really important to a healthy marriage. I love acting - this is my creative outlet, so my spare time is down at the Melbourne Actor’s Lab and Darren is a guitarist in a band and he also competes in Basketball every week.

10:00 - 11:00 pm I like to say 10pm is an early night for us, but running your own businesses you sometimes have to make sacrifices. Especially at the moment, I am putting the final touches to my first book and our extra activities take up our spare time. Getting to bed early is something we are working on, we just have to be smarter with how we manage our time, this is our motto at the moment ‘Don’t be busy, just be productive’. We have banned phones and electronic devices in our bedroom, I could just sit up for hours on Pinterest, but staring at a screen before bed disrupts my circadian rhythm, I like to read by candlelight before bed now – it is such a beautiful ritual, I hope to keep this healthy habit

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