An Introduction: Laurel Whole Plant Organics

by Megan Schwarz | April 07, 2015 | 2 Comments

For those of you who miss the original Seed to Serum blog, I’m pulling vintage posts from the archives to introduce you to the lines I now sell in the shop and the reasons that I fell in love with them. Enjoy!

Laurel Whole Plant Organics
is a genuine, authentic, and an incredibly rare find. The commitment to purity and efficacy is unparalleled. In fact, the entire line was reformulated to eliminate unnecessary emulsifiers and preservatives so that all remaining ingredients were beneficial to the skin in some way. A rare find indeed.

Here are a few highlights -

First off, the Day and Night Balms are next level silky. The formulas are robust and expansive, bursting with bright, rich oils, butters, and herbs. The Day Balm contains 29 beneficial active ingredients, including red raspberry seed oil, cranberry seed oil, carrot seed oil, and jojoba oil. In addition to hydrating and rejuvenating the skin, these oils contribute natural protection from the sun! And when the day is done, smooth on the luscious Night Balm. With 27 active ingredients, like rosehip, borage, rose, sandalwood, and myrrh oils, this delicious smelling balm stimulates, soothes, and softens the skin. In sum, everything from the texture to the scent of these balms will have you rushing home to slather them on!

If you are in need of a little more anti-aging oomph, try the lovely Antioxidant Facial Serum. This light, but powerful serum includes a "whole plant blend of: Gotu Kola, Comfrey, Calendula, Nettle, Rosehip to stimulate collagen production, reduce sun damage, encourage healthy cell reproduction." The scent is also warm and inviting making it the perfect serum to apply before dozing off at night. (At least that's the way that I like it!) If your skin is oilier, you will find this lightweight serum adequately hydrating, but if your skin is dry like mine, try layering it beneath the Night Balm!

Quite possibly my favorite product in the line - the Eye Balm - nourishes the delicate eye area like nothing I have ever tried. It contains 24 active ingredients, including bilberry, fennel, licorice, and nettle to reduce puffiness AND brighten dark circles. I covet eye balms because I find the area around my eyes is prone to excessive dryness. Because dry skin around the eyes leads to more visible fine lines, I can barely contain my excitement over this hydrating, softening balm. It's such a fantastic discovery. (Ed. Note - And now Laurel has added an incredible Eye Serum to her line. Coming soon to the site!)

Last, but certainly not least, the California Body Oil cocoons the skin with ultra-hydrating oils (think avocado, rosehip, and red raspberry seed), while stimulating the senses with a captivating combination of rose, sandalwood, vetiver, scotch pine, and cedarwood essential oils. The result is an earthy, woodsy, overwhelmingly gorgeous scent. If dry pine needles are your thing, you will LOVE this oil. (Who isn't crazy for that scent?!)

I can't thing of a single thing that I don't love about Laurel Whole Plant Organics. I admire Laurel's dedication to her craft and the attention to detail evident in all of her creations!

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April 09, 2015


I just ordered the combination cleanser and honey bee mask. I hope I like them because the ingredients sound great.

Dream & Scheme
April 07, 2015

Dream & Scheme

Laurel Whole Plant Organics sounds like such a lovely brand that has accumulated quite a number of glowing reviews. I’d love to give them a try!

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