24 Hours: Kelly Winterhalter of Ellovi

by Megan Schwarz | March 24, 2015 | 0 Comments

There is something indescribably soul satisfying about peeking into another’s life. These glimpses provide an endless source of inspiration, wisdom, and energy! So let’s do it. Let’s spend “24 Hours” with those fascinating individuals that create, motivate, and live life on their own terms. Enjoy!

8:00 am My eyes open to licks that feel like sandpaper on my skin. This is how our 2 year old orange tabby, Flix, demands my attention. Post snuggle, Flix cleans our other fur child, Tofu, a 3 year old corgi jack russell, with his abrasive licks. Tofu walks all over my significant other and co-founder, Ryan. Tofu goes crazy when the moment he successfully wakes him. The fur kids and I head downstairs to go outside.

8:15 am I apply all-natural mineral foundation, eyeliner, clothes, and I’m ready for the day in 15 minutes flat.

8:30 am For breakfast we have our family favorite: homemade bread topped with Earth Balance and nutritional yeast. I make a smoothie with organic blueberries, bananas, maple syrup, turmeric, and soy milk. We discuss new Ellovi products I’m working on, Ryan’s day, finish eating, and he’s off to work with a trunk full of Ellovi packages.

9:00 am I arrive at my office inspired and excited to work. I love what I do. While working through my inbox, I reminisce over a glass of matcha green tea.

9:30 am I breathe in the palate cleansing aroma of freshly ground coffee beans to prepare my senses for a major decision. I start to evaluate dozens of peppermint oils for our upcoming mint chocolate Butter. The serious contenders are steam distilled organic peppermint from India, mentha peprita from France, and organic peppermint grown right here in the US. There is a fine distinction between oils, but my choice will have a significant impact on the final product. After hours of sniffing, I’ve decided on a fresh and cool peppermint with a wonderfully sweet finish.

12:00 pm By noon, Tofu and I are ready for a lunch break. I’m chowing down on takeout from my favorite macrobiotic restaurant, Shangri La in Emeryville.

12:30 pm I take Tofu for a scenic walk in Oakland Hills. While walking, I fall into a meditative state and appreciate the natural beauty of all that surrounds us.

1:00 pm Back at the office, I process and prepare a large wholesale order, work on a new graphic for our homepage, create several Facebook Ads, oversee the production of Lip Butter, tweak our product launch calendar, and answer more emails. We solicit feedback all the time, so I dedicate a lot of attention to reading and replying to it.

6:00 pm I’ve clocked out and it’s time to unwind. I do a couple of sun-salutations outside on our balcony. I read about poker strategy (my other passion) on our hammock as the sun sets. Ryan brings home vegan pizza for dinner from Hot Italian. Our Hue light bulbs automatically adjust to a colorful gradient throughout the house, and we eat.

7:00 pm Post dinner, we binge watch House of Cards or play Mario Kart 8. I’m lucky to have an amazing partner and friend to spend my free time with.

10:30 pm A late night bath is an absolute must for me. I soak in the tub while reading The Book by Alan Watts and sip red wine from O'Brien Estate in Napa. After, I smother my entire body in Ellovi Vanilla Butter, which I also use to remove my makeup. I get into my cozy pajamas.

11:30 pm I turn on our bedside essential oil diffuser. Tofu, Flix, Ryan, and I get in bed to snuggle for love and warmth. We use our devices until our eyes are heavy and we enter into blissful slumber.

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