Adventures in Yoga

by Megan Schwarz | February 10, 2015 | 0 Comments

Clear, glowing skin is about lifestyle as much as it is about products. Can you dig it?


I am a former yoga hater. There I said it. But I’m also an exercise nut. And I was quickly growing tired of running, spinning, and even barre workouts. So what’s a girl to do? Well of course approach yoga like the exercise nut that I am and dive head first into The Ultimate Yogi – an intense, 108-day yoga boot camp program. I had no real expectations for the program, but I have to say, by the end I was a yoga convert. And not for the reasons you might think. Sure I felt stronger and leaner, but it was my increased flexibility that really had me sold. (The reduction in stress and yoga glow are nice perks as well!)

Let’s face it, flexibility is incredibly important and we don’t work nearly as hard at maintaining it as we should. Why? Because stretching stiff muscles is painful. More importantly, it’s incredibly discouraging. But I’m here to offer hope! If you stick with yoga (or even just basic stretches), you will be amazed at the results. Honestly, just being able to reach that 1 cm further will keep you coming back! It’s wonderfully empowering.

But then the 108 days ended. Now what? Don’t you worry, I found my new yoga fix – Udaya. This site offers a wide variety of classes at varying levels. I find myself gravitating towards classes aimed at “opening” a particular muscle, rather than achieving a particular pose, but those are available as well. And I’m totally crazy about Travis Eliot’s new Short & Sweet series. (Who has an hour to devote to exercise every single day? I mean seriously.)

No, this post is not a plug for The Ultimate Yogi or Udaya. My excitement is entirely genuine. Because you know what, yoga is just plain awesome. There I said it.

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