24 Hours: Anna Ross of Kester Black

by Megan Schwarz | January 27, 2015 | 0 Comments

There is something indescribably soul satisfying about peeking into another’s life. These glimpses provide an endless source of inspiration, wisdom, and energy! So let’s do it. Let’s spend “24 Hours” with those fascinating individuals that create, motivate, and live life on their own terms. Enjoy!

5:20 am These days, my body clock is in excellent shape and as a result I am wide-awake and ready to go at 5.20am! The first thing I do in the morning is turn on my phone and laptop to check my emails. My precious cat, King George Von Whiskers wakes up around this time to demand his morning cuddle while I work. By the time I am ready for my super quick shower, most of the accounting is done and King George is as satisfied as King George can be.

6:00 am By 6am I’m on my bike and on my way to the early Vinyasa yoga class.

7:30 am After finishing class, I ride to work, freshen up, and get ready for the day ahead. I turn my favourite music up very loudly, water the plants in the office, and enjoy the ‘me’ time before my staff arrive. By this time in the day, I’m usually already starving so I turn to my green smoothie for some TLC!

8:30 am When everyone arrives at the office, we have a 5 min morning chat and then jump straight into it! I spend a lot of my time doing product development, accounting, designing, updating our website, managing the Instagram account, and searching for inspiration. 90% of my job is computer based so I actually spend a large part of the day sitting at my desk.

12:00 pm At 12pm I pop out of the office to grab some salad (occasionally a slice of pizza instead), and try to get some other errands completed such as visiting the bank or post office. After lunch it's back to the office for more work.

3:00 pm At 3pm, the postman arrives to pick up our parcels for the day and this is usually the point at which I start praying for more time in the day! The best part about working in a small company is that everything changes on a daily basis. There is so much variety that no one day is ever the same. Thankfully, we don't have any daily crisis, and generally speaking, because I am so OCD organised, everything is usually pulled off without a hitch!

5:30 pm By the end of the day my brain is in melt down mode, so we usually get out of the office pretty quickly. I ride home through the beautiful local gardens and will sometimes stop off at my local organic grocers to pick up some fresh fruit and vegies. My friend Eva usually pops over on her way home from work for a glass of wine. We both have an affinity towards Margarita pizza with pineapple on top, and seeing as there is a pizza shop on the corner of my street, we persuade each other to go and pick up takeaway! My home has a lovely large leafy green backyard and seeing as it is summer in Australia, it's just so nice to sit in the garden, talk nonsense, and eat pizza. King George the cat is usually within 10ft of me at all times, so he is either lazing at our feet, or sitting in our laps being smothered. On the odd chance that Eva doesn’t come by that evening, I’d probably just cook dinner at home and make my next-day’s smoothie (which is usually a very boring affair).

8:00 pm Once my house has quieted down, I head up to my bedroom with King George hot on my heels and get things tidied up before I settle into bed. I like to read or watch a movie, and I finish off the day checking out what has been happening on Instagram, which is usually full of great inspiration, so I try to check it regularly.

9:30 pm By about 9.30pm I am totally spent, and King George and I crash for the evening. To be continued tomorrow…

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