From the Archives: An Introduction to R. L. Linden & Co.

by Megan Schwarz | January 21, 2015 | 0 Comments

For those of you who miss the original Seed to Serum blog, I’m pulling vintage posts from the archives to introduce you to the lines I now sell in the shop and the reasons that I fell in love with them. Enjoy!

I am smitten with the Thousand Petals Beautifying Mist. I crave the La Balmba Rosa Healing Rose Balm. I thought it could not get any better. I was wrong. So very wrong. Robin & Lynn, the exceptional team behind R.L. Linden & Co., do more than create great beauty products - they infuse, they craft, and they meticulously combine inspired elements that bring life to natural beauty again. Because let's face it, the memorable oils and balms are few and far between. But when they breathe of incense and glide over your skin like silk - those you remember. Those are the products that you dream about.

With that, let me introduce you to the rest of the line:

First up, The Bee Charmer. Not much to look at, this murky cleanser is absolutely captivating when applied to your skin. The thick texture of the honey softens and reveals a satiny, smooth cleanser that you will want to massage into your skin for hours. This unique cleanser combines raw honey, white clay, and chocolate. Yes, chocolate. I spoke to Robin about this unusual addition and she replied that while washing with chocolate is not the most intuitive thing, it really makes the skin soft and glowy. Must be those antioxidants. Into this dazzling base, Robin & Lynn added an exfoliating element - poppy seeds - to further soften and refine the skin. If you have normal to combination/oily skin, you could probably use this cleanser every day. For skin that leans towards dry or sensitive, I would stick with 2-3 times per week (as you would any other exfoliating cleanser). Though my skin is dry, I am very tempted to use this cleanser every night because I love the texture so much.

Another stunner that I can't wait to launch is the Time After Time Serum. This face oil is a total knock out. It's a heavier oil that features a delightful infusion of calming herbs into a jojoba base combined with meadowfoam seed, tamanu, olive squalene, and rosehip. The rich texture is everything I look for in a face oil, but it's the essential oils in this blend that truly shine. Frankincense has an intense, dominating scent and Robin & Lynn own it. Spicy, alluring, tenacious - it's a favorite for a reason. Use this intensely hydrating serum at night to renew and restore your skin. I like to layer a night cream or balm over this oil, but if you don't have dry skin, this oil will be more than enough.  

It might be hard to believe after all of that gushing above, but Close to Me is the product that I truly can't get enough of. It has completely changed my mind about deodorant sprays. I never imagined that a spray could keep me stink-free all day. Hallelujah. More importantly, it's so convenient. It feels incredible not to have to dip my fingers into a pot of deodorant. It's downright liberating. And of course, Close to Me smells fantastic. The combination of bergamot, rose geranium, and bourbon vanilla is creamy, sweet, and a touch zesty. Feel free to spray this one all over. (You probably won't be able to stop yourself.)

Finally, Your Eyes Only is a light and lovely makeup remover. It features a simple combination of jojoba and fractionated coconut oil. Coconut oil is really unparalleled in its ability to remove even the toughest makeup. Unfortunately, I fear using coconut oil on my face on a daily basis. (It is known to clog pores.) While I haven't really experienced the dreaded coconut oil breakouts, I can't bring myself to make coconut oil cleansing a habit. However, if you are one of the lucky ones whose skin thrives on coconut oil, snap Your Eyes Only up! Jojoba and coconut oil are fantastic together.

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