24 Hours: Laurel Shaffer of Laurel Whole Plant Organics

by Megan Schwarz | January 09, 2015 | 3 Comments

There is something indescribably soul satisfying about peeking into another’s life. These glimpses provide an endless source of inspiration, wisdom, and energy! So let’s do it. Let’s spend “24 Hours” with those fascinating individuals that create, motivate, and live life on their own terms. Enjoy!

6:15am My fiancé has already hit snooze several times by this point, so I try my best to get up around this time. Some nights I have insomnia, which can make that 6am hour a little rough, but with a good night’s sleep I am ready to go and get to work!

6:30am I am a pretty low maintenance beauty gal when I am just at the studio, and I am always anxious and excited to get to work as soon as I can. I just splash some water on my face, followed by a quick application of our Normal/Dry Elixir, upcoming Eye Serum (!!!) and whichever serum of ours I am currently feeling my skin needs (in the winter it’s usually Anti-Inflammatory). Done - no make-up on a typical day.

6:45am I throw together a banana, rice protein, green powder, a bit of oil, and some blueberry or cherry juice in a blender - and I take my morning shake with me to work. I also take water w/ cucumbers with me, and veggies to snack on that I pre-prepped. I say good-bye to my 2 adorable dogs (sad), and I am out the door!

7:10am When I arrive to the studio Shannon, my rockstar I-can-do-absolutely-everything-go-to person is already here answering customer emails. I check in with her, make some tea, and hit the ground running.

8am Production! I love starting my day with making something, while it’s quiet. I do this before I check my email, or before there are any fires to put out. This way my best energy is put into something positive and loving. I know our formulas backwards and forwards, and it’s like meditation for me. Sometimes I’ll make 2 or 3 things, if we have a lot of orders, or if we are out of a lot of things.

10:30am Break! By now the studio is bustling... Heather who oversees our new store is here, as well as the rest of our small team, orders are being packaged up, products being labeled... I leave the studio at this time in good hands, and head to my favorite way to work out ... dancing. :) I enjoy different forms of barre classes - my favorite being Cardio Barre! I also have been enjoying UJam, which is a hip-hop type dance class or Bollywood... both random, but I love them, and they make working out more tolerable for me.

12pm I head home for a shower, lunch, and dog walking. Showering always involves Josh Rosebrook shampoo/conditioner and Etta & Billie Soap. Then I give my dogs lunch, and let them run around a bit, enjoying the fact that I am home with them for a short while. For my lunch I typically have a salad that I pre-prepped earlier in the week, or a turkey sandwich if I’m feeling hungrier!

1pm At this time I am back to work to check in with the team. By now the girls have typically discovered that we are out of a product that they need to get an immediate order out, we are out of an ingredient that we need, or someone has been calling that needed specific attention, or my personal favorite... a USPS crisis. Check, check, and check. On it. Or I put Shannon or Heather on it! :)

3pm I make a fresh cup of tea (usually white tea at this hour), sit down with my veggies that I brought, and I look at my email inbox... if I haven’t already, from my phone in passing. There is usually other office work, or big projects that might need my attention. We have design projects going on constantly that I may have to give feedback on; there are PR projects going on that I may need to give some thought to; and there are spas and retail partners that need training. One big project that has been taking over my afternoons is collaborating on our signature facial with an amazing top-secret esthetician that will be announced soon!

5pm My brain is getting tired so I typically spend these last couple hours of the day working on the studio. Even though we have been in our studio for almost 3 months now, it’s still not as organized and complete as I would like. I spend time searching for the last few pieces to bring the studio together, or brainstorming about the grand opening, and what is next.

6:30pm My fiancé texts me to let me know he is on his way home, and hopefully by this time I am already home. If not, my brain is no longer working anyway, so why try! I’m a morning person.

7pm I am surrounded by love, with my adorable dogs running around, very excited that we are both home. We make dinner together, which we try to prep in advance for an easier evening for us. It is most likely a chicken breast with a kale or arugula salad, with all sorts of good fats and flavors to make the kale and arugula yummy! A glass of wine is a MUST. My favorites are a good Pinot from Oregon or France or a sparkling wine from France... I used to be a sommelier, so I can be a little picky.

9:30pm By now we are all snuggled in bed watching whatever show we need to get caught up on... my favorites are Homeland and the Walking Dead! I try really hard to stay awake throughout the show, but I’m just so tired. I remind myself that it’s on DVR, and that I can try to watch it again tomorrow.... then I pass out, hopefully until the morning!

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January 12, 2015


Enjoyed reading :)

Hilary Pearlson
January 10, 2015

Hilary Pearlson

Loved getting an inside look of a day in the life of Laurel! I absolutely adore her products, thank you for sharing! xo

January 09, 2015


This was so much fun to do, Megan! Thank you for letting me be a part of it! xo

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