It’s Here! The Laurel for Seed to Serum Body Oil has arrived.

by Megan Schwarz | December 19, 2014 | 0 Comments

After months of back and forth and many scent variations later, I’m pleased to introduce the Laurel for Seed to Serum Body Oil! Our goal was to create a non-greasy, highly nourishing oil with a knockout scent. And I may be biased, but we nailed it!

The base is a combination of soothing carrier oils, including evening primrose, borage, jojoba, and pumpkin seed oil. I have a major crush on pumpkin seed oil – it is rich in Zinc and Vitamins A, C, and E. Additionally, it has a small molecular structure, which allows it to penetrate more deeply into the skin. A smaller molecular structure results in that non-greasy feeling we all crave! The addition of antioxidant-rich carrier oils, including red raspberry seed and rosehip, helps skin maintain a more youthful appearance. If you are thinking: “But Megan, this is a body oil,” I have bad news for you – the skin on your body ages too!  

Then there is the scent. Oh the scent. This was probably the most difficult aspect of the oil to get right. Laurel and I wanted something exquisite, captivating, and memorable. We went through many iterations before landing on a woodsy, spicy, grounding blend with a touch of citrus. A little unusual, but definitely unforgettable!

Finally, gem essences. Laurel is known for infusing her body oils with the essences of gems that embody different qualities. After much soul-searching, the gems that we chose for this oil have instilled it with gratitude, optimism, confidence, and warmth. These qualities represent everything that I hope for Seed to Serum, as well as the appreciation I feel for all of my customers and supporters along the way.

What are you waiting for?  Shop the Laurel for Seed to Serum Body Oil now!

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